Space Explorer was the fabrication of just about three days of work for the Shape Jam. What that means, is that I was only allowed two shapes to create this game, which I had chosen: Triangles and Circles.

Simulated Physics - With simulated physics, this game applies them to create a dynamic environment, including non-scripted orbital paths. 

Unique Playstyles - Whether you enjoy soaring through space near lightspeed, or prefer to enjoy the calm slowly, you can choose either in Space Explorer. But beware, space is big. If there are any hostiles out there, you may need to devise a plan...

Space Explorer is very early on its infancy stages, which I hope to work on further after this Game Jam. I hope you enjoy what I have so far!

If you have any questions, comments, and/or feedback, feel free to comment below.


'E' - Turn Engines On/Off

'Space' - Turn Hyperdrive On/Off

'W' - Throttle Forward

'Right Click' - Turn Weapons Systems On/Off

'Left Click' - Set Target/Shoot

'Escape' - Undock

'Tab' - Outline SOIs

NOTE: Your shield repairs overtime, but to repair your hull (or recover shield power faster), you must dock with those green space stations orbiting around each planet. Be careful to dock slowly, otherwise you might blow up!

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